“Honest Words for Honest People combines compelling and true-to-experience lyrics with a full force, jam-able indie rock sound making for an EP that instantaneously connects with its audience and resonates with them long afterwards. A band built on honest beginnings that plays for “anyone who decides to listen” instead of being concerned with everyone who should, Old Fox understands the value in staying true to an authentic sound— and clearly, how to make a damn good debut.” Atwood Magazine 3/20/19


Formed in Somerville, MA in March, 2018, the founding members, Alex and Ralph, decided to build the band and its music around the phrase, “honest words for honest people.” The band has since evolved with that goal in mind and has continued to focus on creating simple, vulnerable, and evocative music for anyone who decides to listen.

Old Fox recorded a five song EP titled, Honest Words for Honest People, in early January, 2019, to be released on March 23rd, 2019. A music video featuring their first single titled, I Hope the Children Have Your Hairline, was released on February 17th, 2019, just before the single’s official release on March 1st. The band sold out their EP release show within two hours of its announcement. A second show was added to the same date to accommodate demand, also selling out just days after its announcement. The EP was premiered on March 20th by Atwood Magazine before its release on March 23rd.

The band began as a folk duo; Alex playing guitar while Ralph played the trumpet, both sharing vocals. Jon was brought in next to introduce keys and another layer of vocal harmony. The band then grew with the addition of brothers, Connor and Kevin. A more traditional line up was created with Connor on guitar and vocals and Kevin on Bass. Shortly thereafter, Sean completed the rhythm section, playing drums and providing backup vocals. While preparing for Ralph’s departure to graduate school, the band incorporated Sean’s longtime friend and Berklee classmate, Jody on violin and vocals.

On June 28th, the band released their second EP, What Did You Learn at ONCE Ballroom. While the band was touring the east coast just after the release, the EP began to gain traction at local radio stations.

Old Fox continues to tour regularly, with plans for national tours in the making.